Paris Vogue blazing the trail.

Good evening to my Royal Court who dwell in the lands all across the land. I hope you have your teacups perched, because it’s Royal tea time and yes you know yours truly the father of style is ready to spill it. Well here it is my lords and lady’s in the most recent issue of “vogue” magazine they have blazed the trail of fashion,trends, and beauty by featuring its first Tgurl on the cover. Yes my loves the Brazilian beauty herself transsexual Model Valentina Sampaio. In a world that is ever evolving and LGBTQI identified individuals coming more to the forefront “vogue” has set the standard high.  Honeys in this century and dispensation of time there is no gender limit to fashion,style,and beauty. Mainstream media has placed an almost god like following of LGBT glamazons in our path who set the tone for fashion do’s and dont’s. Figures such as the legendary Rupaul, Derrick J, Miss Lawrence and many others.

I don’t know where this issue of “vogue” will catapult this next season of beauty and style. But I’m looking forward to it, and my teacup will be awaiting. Until next time my Royal Children remember “style is not an option it’s a lifestyle”

A Royal Farewell


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