Authenticity in a world of Beauty


Well good evening to all my Royal Court, who dwell in the lands all across the land. Its ya father here Lord Antwan. Oh how I have missed my Royal children. Lets chit chat about a few things, I wanna really allow you guys a look into my personal life and some things that help keep me grounded in this world of superficial beauty. This Royal Tea Session is going to be about a healthy mind,body,and soul.

Hunnies when the office closes, the camera is off, the lights have been dimmed, and the last receipt has been tallied for the boutique. I come home to my cozy cottage peel off all the labels and my makeup, and there’s no one in the mirror but Antwan. One of the biggest trends of this year is matcha tea, it is the youngest of the green tea leaves ground for the rapture into a fine powder. Now baby this tea gives me life it has a nice bite to it but not at all over powering. The benefit is the caffeine and antioxidants will have you body in heaven, it is also proven to shrink the growth of cancer cells and stop the aging process gurls we could all use that. take it from me I need this every day.


Another person favorite of mine that I would like to introduce to all of my Lords and Ladys would be Nada meditation or sound meditation. This is what truly keeps my center whatever higher being you believe in this is the time to commune with them and the universe. seek out peace and self reflection. My personal genre of sound are wind chimes, native music, or the sounds of nature. I reflect on my life, love, business, even my babies here that follow my blog. Being a certified life coach and personal stylist, I encounter a lot of people with many different problems and personalities I can’t always just leave it at work so this is a great stress reliever and life coaching tool that I use every day.

Now that we are done with a few of my personal favorites it’s TEA TIME. Literally lol, so tonight im sipping on a purple passion fruit tea by Tazo. It seems to be extremely fragrant but mild in demeanor, over all I think it gets a Royal A+. I would like to share with all of my most loyal and most cherished follower of The Royal Court family a little fact about me. I am declaring this our Winning Wednesday tea time session. I was once not many years ago living homeless on the streets of New York City. yes myrtle me the father of style was nothing more than another young out of work model and student with no place to call my own. But you know what I did I stayed strong and everyday I spoke to the universe until I saw change. I prayed for the wisdom to obtain success and create success. You must speak it into existence. Now I am the owner of a multifaceted company with a beautiful home, cars, clothes, etc. Lords, and Ladys, Prince’s, and Princess’s speak it into the universe and its got to happen.

I love you guys with all my heart. until the next Royal Tea Time. follow us on fb,Ig,W,B,Polyvore,Pinterest, and be sure to visit our boutique website to subscribe to our monthly news letter, tips, trends, and discounts. also feel free to email us for your styling or life coaching needs. see contact page for more info.




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