TS Madison and Khia Queen of the South.

khia tsGood afternoon to all my Lord’s and Ladies, Prince’s and Princess’s. Who dwell in the Lands all across the Land. It is non other than Father himself the style king, ambassador of fashion, Lord Antwan. Baby when I tell you we must definitely talk about one of the most trending topics in blog nation right now.

Now typically my tea time with you babies has to do with fashion lifestyle trends etc etc. However today lets talk about my mothers show a few days ago. Yup honey we are talking about the Queen herself TS Madison. Who is one of my personal mentors by the way, I use her catch phrase in my greeting that how serious she is to me.

Now lets get into it, she had the thugmisses herself on the show Miss Khia Shamone yup miss my neck my back. The initial interview was to ask question about her recent vlog about Remy Ma’s husband and the beef between Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma. Baby that interview went into a full fledged drag fest of vulgar and self righteous reterick from Khia. She claims to be the self made multi-platinum selling artist. Now I give the gurl her dues but my god she is the nastiest out spoken soul I have come across in a long time. So the question is strong and self made the same a s being nasty  heartless and shrewed.

Hunnies I just don’t know what to say Now Madison is the and out spoken adult star turned activist and I think from the looks of things even her reaction on Khia’s behavior left somethings to be desired. So my question if the proclaimed thugmisses is so great and wonderful and has accomplished so much why so bitter. In my opinion  I understand being a tough business mogul but this is absolutely unacceptable and is down right embarrassing and deplorable. These are my thoughts but i’m going to leave the link to the video interview below please be warned there is strong language. https://YouTube/watch?v=d5O8SYx_DEY&t=109s

Until next time all my royal court I bid you a royal farewell.


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