Weed??? Miracle or Myth

weed waffleGood day to all my royal children, and I bid you greetings from the kings court to the lands all across the land. This yours truly you got the Father of style himself. Lord Antwan the ambassador of fashion. Well babies after a few weeks off handle some business in Los Angeles im back.

And I want to dish with my gurl’s yes queen’s, ladies, and princess’s we gotta spill this tea, I love my king’s oh yes believe me I do but ladies this tea is piping hot just for you. So hunnie’s get into the pic above yes ma’am honey we are talking about a few ways that. weed yup thc, the mo better, ganja, green, herb, you name it, can help you out and baby it’s scientifically proven. Clinches pearls!!! lol so yes gurl’s lets dish so scientist are saying that weed can help you all during that time of the month manage pms and the migrains that come with it. hmmmm “side eye” well gurl idk but im down for a lil less anger during that time of month lol. It has also been tested and proven that, marijuana increases a womans libido and intensify’s orgasms, honey they say if you ladies get blazed before your man cum through ha no pun intended, mary jane and that wood will have you climbing the walls. I need to hear if the fella’s have any supernatural affects like you ladies, for scientific reasons of course lol… Well you know I do understand some of you gals are against smoking. So you can always try edibles such as cookies, brownies, butter, and  thc infused beverages. and receive the same desired effects.

Ok babies I must skedaddle love you all  now I must bid you a royal farewell until next time.



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