Stellar Award Winning Gospel Recording Artist James Hall Files Lawsuit Against Bishop Jeffery Thomas For Stalking And Harassment …


Listen babies when I tell you the tea has been spilled and we had our lips perched the cup and our ears to the ground. Brooklyn New York has hit the streets of the dirty dirty once again. We wont even start to name the preachers and musicians that have been exposed in the New York area. Gospel artist James Hall has filled a lawsuit against a jilted off brand no named bishop who he claims got the wrong idea when Hall tried to show Christian fellowship and help the cancer patient.


Hall said that when he helped Pentecostal Bishop Jeffrey Thomas through an illness, it was simply an act of Christ-like love, but the bishop became romantically interested in Hall, pursuing him relentlessly and even flying into jealous rages when Hall drew the interests of other men and women.  It seems that he played up his illness to play on Hall emotions and constantly seeking his attention.
According to the lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, after Hall had rejected him multiple times, Thomas took to social media to hint that Hall was involved in a sexual relationship with the pastor of their Cypress Hills church. He also contacted church members in order to spread more salacious rumors, according to the suit.
Hall claimed that Thomas was spreading the rumors in an attempt to “destroy me and my career.”
“There is not justification for this conduct,” Hall said in the lawsuit. “There is no justification for this conduct. Mr. Thomas has never expressed any purpose to his actions other than some imagined relationship he believes he has with me, and is nothing more than a disgruntled fan.”
Before filing the suit, Hall had previously took to social media to address a photograph of him and a shirtless Thomas that he says was misconstrued by the church community.


“Me and a friend were sitting on my couch acting silly as friends DO!!!! We weren’t even the only people in the room,” Hall explained. “When I saw the pic posted, I decided that it was inappropriate and could be misread especially for the climate we live in today. There’s nothing to talk about, But I get it. You think you have something, BUT YOU HAVE NOTHING!”
Thomas claims that he got a job in New York and left everything to follow James Hall.  The no name bishop gave up his church and left his two children due to his infatuation with Hall.  The new job did not last six months if he ever really had one.  It seems that this man gave up everything to follow James and has become angery when his advances got rejected.  He says that he has proof of his relationship and began to send out pictures and recorded conversations right from the courtroom.  However,  the judge granted James Hall a temporary restraining order and placed Bishop Jeffrey Thomas on a gag order until they got to trial in three weeks.

Thomas allegedly threatened to release a sex tape of him and James Hall and nude photos of his Pastor Kevin Bond, but if he does he might just land behind bars.  On Easter Sunday he says a member of James Hall’s choir chased him with a baseball bat.  According to insiders James sent Jeffery $50 to get out the house and fellowship on Easter when he acted out and continued to try and out James.


The former Bishop, Jeffery Thomas has totally stepped down from ministry and is living in New York as an out Homosexual.  Jeffery’s transformation is quite shocking and one that he blames James Hall for changing the course of his life.  The once masculine country boy is now flaming queen in the big city.  According to Jeffery he was in a homosexual relationship with James Hall for a little over two years.

Hall’s suit seeks an injunction against Thomas as well as $15 million in damages.
Here are some of the additional questionable photos Jeffery Thomas ALLEGEDLY  released to Obnoxious Media of him and James Hall and the back of a nude man in the shower, who he claims is Pastor Kevin Bond



After doing a little further investigation we just happened to stumble across a few screen shot messages from Thomas alleging threats on his life from Hall’s constituents take a look.



Even a Video of Thomas having words about the death threats with Hall Allegedly.


All sources sited: Facebook,Instagram,Obnoxious Media,Grio Magazine, NY Daily.


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