The Royal Styling Co. Is an extension of its mother company The Royal Boutique inc. The boutique is known for its trendy and stylish designer luxury brands, And personal wardrobe and styling needs. Where as The Royal Styling Co. Has a more intimate purpose, that consists of personal styling, lifestyle coaching, health/wellness and beauty cultivation, and overall spiritual liberation. The founder of this lifestyle company is Lord Antwan “LaMar Terry” a 28 year old former cosmetologist. Who started a mom and pop sewing company 5 years ago and with much success has grown it to a multifaceted fully functioning lifestyle company.

He hails from Raleigh North Carolina, but spent his former years as a New York City deweller. Lord Antwan is envolved hands on in every aspect of his lifestyle company. From the boutique to the blog, and life coaching sessions. Lord Antwan is extremely accomplished holding extensive degrees and certifications in. Life coaching,cosmetology,counseling,business management,religious studies just to name a few. His passion is truly to see people’s lives impacted by style,liberation,positivity,and beauty.

“Where style is not an option it’s a lifestyle”

Lord Antwan.